Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Cyber Saftey Tips for School going children's Parents and Teachers

Large number of people specially parents and  teachers ask questions on cyber security and cyber crime; moreover they are keen in knowing how can they safegaurd their children and students. So, I am writing few Cyber Safety Tips for school going children parents and students.
One of the major cyber security problem faced by school students is Cyber Bullying. 
Cyber Bullying is not something new, it used to happen earlier also that time it was only bullying. Because now we live in digital world and can not imagine to sustain without mobile devices like cell phones, iPad, Tabs, Laptops etc so bullying is replaced by cyber bullying. 

Cyber bullying meaning can be in form of MMS, SMS, email and it becomes very harmful and threatening when done on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Be careful -

If your child behave is changing, he or she is more aggressive now.
If all of sudden your child stops talking with you or friends.
If he/she stops using digital devices or is scared.

Tips for Cyber bullying-

  1. Talk to your children and students, spend time with them.
  2. Make aware your children that cyber bullying is a punishable crime so that neither they themselves don't indulge into any cyber bullying activities nor allow anyone to tease them.
  3. Let your children and students know speaking negatively about anyone or abusing on social media is offensive and it can be reported to police.
  4. Even if they know about any third person who is victim of cyber bullying, they should help the victim. Report the matter to parents or teaches immediately.
  5. Tell them not to delete offensive messages as it will help police in investigation.
  6. In India, there is online platform to report any cyber crime including cyber bullying. 

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