Monday, February 23, 2015

Block Spam Emails

Reduce/Block Spam Emails-

Spam Emails -Spam emails meaning unsolicited, unwanted, email messages. Spam email does not necessarily contain viruses—sometime valid messages from legitimate sources may fall into spam category.

Steps to reduce the spam emails-

  • Check Privacy Policies of the website you visit - Before submitting your email address on any website or downloading any document or application , read that particular organization's privacy policy.
  • Beaware of "By default" Options - Sometimes on websites some options are selected by default. If you miss to de-select those options, you could begin to receive emails from those lists and sometime some unwanted software get installed into your system.
  • Use E-mail Filters - Using email filters you can  block certain email addresses or you can create a white list of your own contact list.
  • Report Spam - You can report a message as spam or junk to that specific website.
  • Unsubscribe Your Email Address:- You can unsubscribe your email id any time . For example you subscribed on any website for newsletters but now you no longer wish to get the newsletters. Visit and there you find a "Unsubscribe" button.
  • Never click on web links in spam messages - By clicking on a weblink within an email message or reply to a certain address, you confirm that your email address is valid.
  • Disable the automatic downloading of graphics in HTML mail
  • Use Privacy Settings on Social Networking Websites - Social networking sites  allow you to choose who has access to see your email addresses.

Let us understand it in detail by facebook example-


Manage -who can contact you, can see your stuff
Privacy Settings -Social Networking Websites

Screen Shot2
Restrict/Block Users and Block App Invites
Block unawanted apps

Now lets understand Google+ Settings:-
Control who to interact and who can see you on google+
Block users on google+

Manage apps which you have linked with your google account
External Apps linked with google+

 Manage Google+ profile tabs visible to your profile visitors
Manage google+ circle
Manage Google+ profile tabs visible to your profile visitors
Manage google+ profile tabs visible to profile visitors

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